Il Caravaggio

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Photo: Julien Benhamou

Have been Senior resident artists since 2021

Il Caravaggio brings together a group from the new generation of Baroque musicians, under the direction of Camille Delaforge.
With the most brilliant singers of their generation, the ensemble explores French and Italian vocal repertoire, between well-known pieces and rediscovery of forgotten repertoire. Il Caravaggio is specially dedicated to the revival of women composers, by creating every year at least one programme composed by a forgotten woman, such as Isabelle Leonarda, Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, or Mademoiselle Duval, whose
opera “Les Génies” will be recorded by the ensemble in Versailles in 2023. The ensemble is inspired by the figure of the painter Caravaggio, whose spirit of vivid theatricality, expressivity, and embodied spirituality is at the core of the musical project of the ensemble: to show the universality and the vitality of the baroque sensibility. The ensemble also explores the boundaries between folk music and art music through
more intimates forms, such as salon or street music. The recording “Madonna della Grazia”—the first recording of the Ensemble with the
label Klarthe—is at the junction of all these aesthetics,and was acclaimed by the specialist press at its release.
The Ensemble is regularly invited by prestigious festivals in France and around the world, including : Festival de Sablé; Festival Radio France (Montpellier); Festival Idéal au Potager du Roi (Versailles); Oude Musiek Festival (Utrecht); Festival Rosa Bonheur; Festival Agapé (Geneva); Festival La Folia (Switzerland); Instituts français of Edinburgh and the United-Kingdom.
The Ensemble receives support from the French Ministry of Culture (DRAC d’Ile de France) and sponsorship of the Caisse des Dépôts, the Orange Group, and the Fondation Singer-Polignac.